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September 29, 2003

Why the Name?

Stephen Bainbridge's entertaining corporate-law-and-wine blog, ProfessorBainbridge.com, very kindly describes this blog as "The oddly named, but always worth reading, By No Other blawg . . . ." The name comes from what I thought was the Ben Franklin saying, "Experience is the best teacher, but a fool will learn by no other." Unfortunately, I just learned in a Google search that the saying is usually quoted as, "Experience is a dear teacher, but a fool will learn from no other" (emphasis added).

I should have remembered the wise counsel of a friend and former law partner. Some years ago, he jokingly chastised one of my then-fellow associates who, in drafting a brief, had misstated a procedural rule. He said, "That's why we buy you the $*^#% books, so you can look these things up."

I suppose I could change the name of this blog, but what the heck, the name is a useful object lesson in itself . . . .

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