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May 30, 2004

Blog Scope

Life gets busy, and my good intentions don't seem to be expressing themselves as regular blog posts about business-law lessons. I haven't posted in over a month, and I've done only 10 substantive posts since January 1.

So as an experiment, I'm going to tinker a bit with the scope of the blog. I'll be broadening its coverage to include interesting things I read, or otherwise encounter, in both law- and non-law areas. In this I'll be following the example of Steve Bainbridge, who somehow manages successfully to mix corporate law with wine and Catholic business philosophy in his eponymous blog, ProfessorBainbridge. I'm hoping the blog can thus also serve as something of a card catalog, to help me locate things that I remember reading but can't put my hands on.

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Sounds like a fine idea.

Posted by: loyal reader at Jun 3, 2004 12:40:55 PM

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