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June 25, 2004

Bibliolatry versus Trust in God

On my other blog, The Questioning Christian, I've posted comments (and no, they weren't supportive comments) about a recent essay by a traditionalist Episcopal priest. For those who don't know, in recent years there's been an on-going battle in the Episcopal Church, of which I'm a member, about the proper role of Scripture. I would guess most Episcopalians take Scripture quite seriously, but not as the be-all and end-all. (This befits what a [woman] fellow parishioner describes as "the thinking man's church.") Traditionalists, on the other hand, are quite upset by the prospect of gay and lesbian clergy and of committed same-sex relationships. They claim these things are contrary to Scripture and therefore are per se unacceptable. They have been fighting an aggressive rear-guard action against the church majority, whom they brand as liberal revisionists. It seems clear to me that they intend to split the church if they can't have their way.

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