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June 03, 2004

Good News -- I Guess

The Associated Press reports that today the U.S. Attorney's office announced criminal indictments against seven former employees of Symbol Technologies for securities fraud. Symbol's home page announced, "No Criminal Complaint Filed Against Symbol." Imagine being a customer and seeing that on a vendor's home page. (The Symbol home-page item is linked to this press release.)

It all reminds me of an old Navy joke: A ship was visiting a foreign port after a long stretch at sea. On liberty, the captain imbibed a bit too freely. Returning to the ship, he stumbled across the gangway, gave a slurred acknowledgement to the young seaman who had the gangway watch, and staggered off to his cabin. The seaman dutifully recorded in the ship's log, "The Captain returned to the ship drunk." The seaman's supervisor, a grizzled chief petty officer, chastised him for his lack of discretion. Two nights later, the captain went on liberty again but, having learned his lesson, he drank only tea and made an early night of it. As luck would have it, the same seaman had the gangway watch again. He, too, had learned his own lesson -- this time he recorded in the log, "The Captain returned to the ship sober."

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